How to make  French toast arranged by Mr. CHEESECAKE

This is the recipe of French toast arranged by Mr. CHEESECAKE.
The important note is "Browned butter”.


White bread : 2 slices (Cut into fourths)
Whole egg : 1 egg
Egg yolk : 2 eggs
Granulated sugar : 30g
Whipping cream : 100g
Milk : 50g
Butter : 10g
Tonka beans : 1/3 pieces
Vanilla : 3cm

※If it is difficult to prepare, you can cook without “Tonka beans” and “Vanilla”.


(1)Put a whole egg, egg yolks, and granulated sugar into a ball, and mix them well until it
    looks white.

▶︎Please mix them properly in order to mix well with the warmed whipping cream that
     you will add in later. 

(2) Put butter into a pan and fire with high heat to make "Browned butter”.

(3) Put whipping cream and milk into the pan (2) and  boil them.
     After (or “While”)  boiling, put tonka beans and vanilla into the pan too.
     Vanilla:Cut in half lengthwise and take out the seeds.
                   Then put it all into the pan including the seeds and sheath.
     Tonka beans : Shave with a Microplane and add them into the pan.

(4)Turn off the fire of the pan, and add it to (1) slightly with mixing.
▶︎Please add slowly to prevent the eggs in (1) from being heated by (3).

(5)Cut the crusts of white bread and microwave them for 20 second in 600W.

▶Microwaving makes the bread active, because water in the bread disappears a little 
    bit, and it causes the bread to become soft and  Infiltrate easily.
▶Microwaving makes the bread more receptive to moisture, because water in the bread
   evaporates a little bit, which causes the bread to become soft.

(6)Soak them up into a tapper which has the filtered (4).
   Please keep them warm so it can soak up the mixture easily.

▶Press the bread while soaking with both sides.
   If you wrap the top of the Tupperware in Saran wrap.
   It is okay to dip for 5 to 10 minutes. However, soaking for one night is more     
   permeable than that. 
   When you soak them for one night, please put them in a refrigerator.  

(7)Make “Browned butter” and put (6) and fry. Finished!

▶︎Well browned butter is the point of delicious french toast.
   Completely coat the bread so it will get a good "Browned Butter" smell.
   You can put honey if you like.


By the way "french toast" is called “pain perdu” in French which was invented for eating Hard baguettes in a delicious way!

 Enjoy the French toast arranged by Mr. CHEESECAKE! 

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